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BLI - The journey begins, some 2 years on

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After being introduced to Mind Maps about 5 years ago by a lecturer at the University I was working at, I started thinking about them and how we could use them with our students. The reception from other academics was low and not something they wanted to think about, nor work into their programme at that time. It stayed in the back of my mind though.

While on a student recruitment visit in Malaysia, I was in a book store (it's an addiction!) and saw "The Ultimate Mind Mapping Book" and my passion grew from there.

One web search after another and suddenly I found out there were courses to become a trainer. FAnTASTIC! This was something I decided I would do - that thought started TWO years ago, when I first emailed Jennifer. Since that first I GOTTA DO IT, 'til now - well, life happened: I found out about courses too late, or "it just wasn't the right time for me" or I got two nasty flu's (not colds) or ... or ... or, etc.. This year it was stop talking about doing it, and start doing it.

So I did.

And this week, having completed the BLI on-site component - there is now an 'AHHHHH' feeling, and a I wish I had just got it done when I first read about it. The course has helped to cement the information in the books and there have been many "ah-ha!" moments.

I can't wait to get out there and share and inspire students to learn 2 learn with mind mapping and the new goodie bag of skills I am armed with. Watch out world, a new BLI in training is coming at ya!

As Yoda says - Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try.