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2012 Top Ten Leadership Challenges

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How are things? We hope all is well at your end.

As we bound rapidly into 2012 - can you believe it is Australia Day already and the kids are back in school, we want to use this eLetter to start to consider some the major challenges and opportunities the year will likely bring.

But this wouldn't be an Australia Day eLetter if we didn't have something special for you to help celebrate.  And if you want to see what's going on around Australia and overseas see more below.

For many the last few years have been particularly challenging, while for others it has opened up some fantastic opportunities.  Below we have a look at what some recent research says will be the major corporate leadership challenges, and offer a simple example of an eloquent response from a great leader at an even harder time.

We will also do a pre-announcement of some exciting collaborations we have coming up in the year to develop Habits of Mind, and give you a hint on something wonderful we've been working on with Tony Buzan.

And finally we'll have a bit of fun looking at the Top 10 Reasons Top 10 Lists are so Popular.

So let's get started.


26 January - Australia Day


Australia Day Celebrations

Like most National Holidays, the 26th January Australia Day is a big and important one the everyone should try to enjoy with family and friends.  For many it will be a day on the beach (although storms here on the Gold Coast may stifle that), out at the Cricket Test in Adelaide, attending one of many events going on, or just hanging around the Barby sinking a few tinnies or chardies.

Whatever you do, please enjoy it and if you're not sure what to do here are a few links for you.

And to help make Australia Day a good one, we also want to give you a chance to get the latest in Mind Mapping software iMindMap and MindGenius.  So see below for a special_offer.

But for now, let's look at some of the challenges in 2012.


2012 Corporate Leadership Challenges

To identify the challenges and opportunities of the coming year we always look around for authoritative research on where our clients may want to focus their energy, and by default where we might aid them.

In considering 2012 we once again looked at the Ken Blanchard Companies annual Corporate Issues Survey, which has been done for several years now to pinpoint the needs and issues of organisations seeking to fully develop the potential of their people.

The 2011 survey looked at a range of important issues, but one that was particularly vital was the Top Leadership Gaps. Bill has done a blog on this, and it is clear major corporates are acknowledging they need to improve leadership skills in some very important areas, including:

  • Being more strategic and tactical in their thinking

  • Passionately inspiring others

  • Driving innovation with vision and communication

Of course these are not new leadership skills, but what is being done to close these gaps? What tangible steps are being taken in the organisation's leadership development areas?

And what about small and medium sized businesses, government department, not for profits, schools, and even volunteer groups?

These are questions you may want to ask and explore to make 2012 a fantastic year full of success. And in coming eLetters, eCourses, blogs and articles we'll share some ideas we have as well.

Read Bill’s blog to get more information and we recommend you also explore the Ken Blanchard Companies website.  

The Four Way Test that Inspires Millions

In considering how an organisational leader might inspire, engender passion, demonstrate trust and integrity, and communicate a vision, our association with Rotary International and its Four Way Test comes to mind - see sidebar.

The simple and straightforward Four Way Test was written by Chicago Rotarian Herbert J Taylor in 1932. The test was primarily written for to help revive his bankrupt Club Aluminium Company in 1932. Herb actually gave up his job in packaged groceries and house to house sales, to join 250 other employees onboard the so-called “sinking ship”. 

His aim was to inspire the company's revival through positive leadership action, at a time when things were a lot tougher than most of us have it today.

Rotarian Herb retold the concept of the test in his own words:

”To win our way out of this situation, I reasoned we must be morally and ethically strong. I knew that in right there was might. I felt that if we could get out our employees to think right they would do right. We needed some sort of ethical yardstick that everybody in the company could memorize and apply to what we thought, said, and did in our relations to others.

So one morning I leaned over on my desk, rested my head in my hands. In a few moments, I reached for a white paper card and wrote down that which had come to me – in twenty-four words.”

Herb gave the right to use his famous Four Way Test to Rotary International in 1942 and also gave the movement the copyright in 1954 - the year when he himself served as RI President (1954-55). 

We think that's pretty inspiring on a number of different fronts, and provides some interesting lessons for corporate leaders today.

For more information on Rotary.

For more information on the Four Way Test.









Every member of Rotary knows the Four Way Test of Rotary:

Of the things we think, say or do...

  • Is it the Truth?
  • Is it Fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
  • Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?


Mind Mapping Software for a Great 2012

To mark the 2012 Australia Day and to help make this year a great one we want to offer you 15%_Off both versions of iMindMap and MindGenius.

  • iMindMap 5 is the official Buzan Mind Mapping software and the clear leader in the field is iMindMap Ultimate, while the new Home & Student is fabulous for just that - use at home and for study. If you're studying in 2012 this is what you want.

  • MindGenius goes beyond Mind Mapping to allow you to work in formats that match you style of thinking and we have been advocating it a decade now.  The just released 4.2 versions of MindGenius Business and while MindGenius Education again raise the bar for business users and those returning to study.

To claim your 15%_Off go to our eStore, select the product you want (all 4 editions above are available) and as you pass through the Check-Out use Coupon_Code SOFTWARE15.

And if you want to learn more about Mind Mapping remember our Free_eCourses on How to Mind Map and Teaching Others To Mind Map You can see all our eCourses on the website.







Download iMindMap Ultimate







Download MindGenius

Habits of Mind - A 2012 Collaboration

Most of you will already know of the great work Art Costa has done in Education with his Habits of Mind, and this is just a quick pre-announcement that in 2012 Mindwerx International will be collaborating with Australia's leader in the Habits of Mind, our friend James Anderson at MindFul by Design.

James is director of Mindful by Design, and the founder of the Habits of Mind Teachers Network. He is author of “Succeeding with Habits of Mind” and a recognised and respected authority on Habits of Mind.

James began working with Habits of Mind as a classroom teacher more than 15 years ago and has since developed a powerful set of workshops that he has refined working with teachers at all levels around the world.

In 2012 James will be working together with Mindwerx to deliver his Habits of Mind Business programs, while we will collaborate with Mindful by Design to bring even more of our learning how to learn programs into the Education area. 

We'll keep you informed as this develops, but for now check out the Mindful by Design website - James has some great Habits of Mind education programs running around Australia.

And be sure to do his Free_Mini_eCourse on the Sixteen Habits of Mind.


Remembering to be Successful

How to be deliberately and positively memorable to achieve the success you want.

Some put outstanding success down to luck, some to natural talent, and others to plain hard work. In reality truly successful and remarkable people and organisations are adhering to the same simple and basic principles – the principles of being memorable.

For the last couple of months Jennifer has been working closely with Tony Buzan, on what we believe will become a seminal work on how the principles and methods used by Memory Champions can be understood and used to achieve great success in every field of endeavour.

We can't tell you too much yet, but the final draft has just gone off to the publisher, and it is targeted to be out at the end of March.

In this book Tony and Jennifer will show you how to be more successful, in every facet of life and business – with success defined on your own terms, using the principles of being memorable.

And who better to guide you than Tony Buzan, founder of the World Memory Championships (WMC), and Jennifer, WMC Senior Aribter and Buzan Master Trainer.

If you are a professional, a business person, a politician, a writer, a leader, a follower, an entrepreneur, a sales person, a teacher, a speaker, or a parent that wants to help your children achieve everything they deserve, this book is for you – if you truly want to live a remarkable and successful life.

We can hardly wait to tell you more - but we'll have to. Watch this space! 



Professional Development in 2012

Again in 2012 Mindwerx International and the Buzan Centre will be running public programs around Australia, as well as in Singapore, and South Africa


  • Mind Mapping – the first public workshop in Australia is in Sydney on 28th February. See all the locations and dates using the link above.



This year will also see a big focus on sharing our programs with in-house and professional trainers_who want to expand their repertoire of skills and services.  Participants will qualify to instruct and coach others in the same programs we offer as public workshops, so our Certified Instructor Programs include

  • Mind Mapping – the Benchmark program that has been successfully run with over 200 new instructors

  • Speed Reading – this is one of the most valuable skills anyone can have, and we need lots of instructors

  • Improved Memory – applying these principles guarantees success to anyone, and we can show people how

  • Study Skills – with the information overload people struggle with, this is a must have skill for everyone

  • Creative Thinking – taking the Mindwerx Deliberate Creativity & Innovation programs to audiences in all industries.

If you’re interested in associating with Mindwerx International and the Buzan Centre have a look at these programs and contact us anytime to have a chat.




The Top 10 Reasons Top 10 Lists are Popular 

How many different Top Ten lists have you seen - do you have a Top 10 of Top 10 Lists?

It seems most of us love Top 10 lists, and now we've seen some Top 10 Lists that give us the Top Ten Reasons Top 10 Lists are so Popular.  Try saying that fast - 10 times!

A few of these are shown below, and while some of it is a bit of fun, there is no question there is some interesting points being made, and one we like a lot is they are Memorable.  Maybe will start developing our own Top 10 Lists - any suggestions email us now.

Do you like Top 10 Lists - let us know your favourites and we'll publish a Top 10 of most popular Top 10 Lists.



So there you are, we hope you've got some value from this eLetter.

Bill and Jennifer are off on February 1 to to Florida to speak at the Creativity Cruise, and they'll then hook with Tony and the ThinkBuzan team.  They'll be back in the Gold Coast office on Feb 20th, but will be able to check emails every now and again while travelling if you want to contact.

Remember there is lots of more stuff available on our websites and happy to help with any questions or show you how to access both online and face to face professional development programs anywhere in the world.


Bill, Jennifer, Mike, Fleur and the Gang


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