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The Buzan Techniques - Building Brainpower SIM, Singapore

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Monday, 2 November 2009 - 4:00pm - Tuesday, 3 November 2009 - 4:00pm
Creativity & Innovation
The Buzan Techniques - Building Brainpower
Mind Mapping® Speed Reading Memory Boosting

Benefits to You

Mind Mapping®, Speed Reading and Power Comprehension, and Memory Enhancement train your brain to:

  • convert information into usable intelligence
  • attain simple solutions to complex problems
  • understand that true TQM equates effective brain usage

It will also:

  • Significantly enhance your information processing capabilities
  • Boost individual and group mental literacy
  • Become an intellectual power pack.


Programme Outline

  • Checking your Brain
    • Test your memory
    • Measure your creativity - how good a problem solver are you?
    • Thought organisation - disentangling clutter
    • Leading through thinking
    • Reading speed and comprehension
    • Are you a positive thinker?
  • Mind Mapping®
    • Dramatically increase memory and concentration via Mind Maps®
    • Stimulate creativity in yourself and others via Mind Maps®
    • Applying Mind Maps® in note-taking, note-making, problem solving, speech writing, meetings, planning and studying
    • Distil immense amount of information or materials onto one sheet of paper
  • Speed Reading
    • How to immediately increase your reading speed
    • Boosting comprehension to merge with the increase in reading speed
    • Equate speed reading via power browsing, to Mind Mapping®, and achieving a high-speed thought organisation
  • Boosting your Memory
    • Stretch your memory with advanced memory techniques for a tremendous improvement in recall and retention of names and faces, data and numbers
    • How to use your memory before/during/after learning
    • How to improve access to your memory when under stress

Learning Features

Fast-paced but with ample opportunity to develop these skills for future use. Emphasis will be on practical applications.


Who Must Attend

Executives at all levels and from any discipline.


Programme Leader 


Dilip Mukerjea is the Managing Director of Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd, an organisation dedicated to developing intellectual capital and the advancement of mental literacy through the use of The Buzan Techniques and other strategies. They encompass Creative Problem Solving and Solution Finding, Mind Mapping®, Speed Reading, Memory Enhancement, and Perceptual Skills in Drawing (Visual Intelligence).

Mr Mukerjea is Regional Master Trainer in the use of The Buzan Techniques, and has been acclaimed as 'phenomenally creative and easily one of the world's top 10 master mind mappers' by Tony Buzan himself.

His management experience has led him to believe that all personnel within any organisation can excel through developing their mental resources.

Mr Mukerjea also focuses on writing books which address brain skills for the 21st century. His best selling books, Superbrain, Brainfinity, and Braindancing, are recognised internationally as mandatory reading in the field of dynamic self-development. Brainchild, Brainaissance, and Primary Genius are presently under preparation. His new book Surfing the Intellect has been reviewed and said to be 'vital reading for all executives'.


Time:9.00 am - 5.00 pm unless otherwise stated.
Fee:S$963.00 (SIM Members)
(Inclusive of 7% GST)
Enquiries:6248 9407 exec[at][dot]sg

All published fees are for SIM members.
A levy of up to 20% will be charged for non-members. Non-members are welcome to sign up for SIM membership to enjoy the discounted rate. To sign up, please visit, e-mail membership[at][dot]sg or call 6468 8866.




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